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This Week In Lost - 3/18/09

After a week of, Lost is back with a new episode, and we're back with another addition of This Week in Lost!

Episode 9 - "Namaste"

Zach says:
This week's episode starts off a bit slow, revealing minor details and happenings of how things are the way they are. We now know some things, like where certain people are both on the island and in what decade. It turns out not everyone made it to the same place, so the episode shifts from the 70's to the "present" multiple times.

There are those easter eggs scattered throughout the episode as well, which are always fun. For instance, we find out that the woman who had the baby happens to have named him Ethan. I wonder who he'll grow up to be. There was also a mention of a few interesting tid-bits, like something about Faraday not being around anymore; not sure what that's about. And like always, the end of the episode is always the most exciting, as we see a young Benjamin Linus. We know his future, but I have a feeling we'll see exactly how he gets that way in upcoming episodes.
Zach's score: 7.5/10

JDW says: This weeks episode returns to flight 316, as we retrace what happens when the Oceanic Six went through the time skip. Soon after a "30 Years Earlier" card appears, and we return to Jack, Kate, and Hurley catching up with Sawyer and Jin. Sawyer breaks the news that they're all in the 70s, and now must try to figure how to keep their secret, even if it means they must join the Dharma Initiative as well. There's even more to the twist, when Sun finds out she's not in the same time period as the rest of her companions.

Well, while I will say, the episode certainly has it use, being there's hint to alot of Lost's happenings and possible future. Though what has me kind of annoyed is the oh so obvious love rectangle of Kate, Jack, Juliet, and Sawyer; because the show will go back to the boring love drama that I'd rather not sit through. Let's hope we get to see more secrets of the island revealed, and less love drama.
JDW's score: 7/10

Overall Score: 7.3/10

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