Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rant: Excuse me GameTap ... WTF?

I've been a fan of gaming subscription service, GameTap, for quite sometime now. I had a subscription a few years back, and then continued to use the service once they had a free version. At the time my subscription was on my low-end PC so I couldn't even play most of the titles smoothly, if at all.

But that all changed when I got my Macbook Pro. Sure, I was still only playing free titles, but at least things ran nice and smooth and at nice resolution. So imagine my surprise when I'm going through my RSS reader, which happens have GameTap's Blog in it and I find this article:

GameTap No Longer Compatible With Mac OS X

I mean, I was getting a little excited when I read about the "new" GameTap coming soon, but how do you just slip that into your new updates and not expect someone to get a little pissed off? And there doesn't even seem to be a reason for the axe for Mac OS X users, it just doesn't include us. Sure, I understand that GameTap wasn't Mac compatible when it first launched ... but this is almost five years since the service launched, why take steps back when you want to take a step foreward? And what about the Mac people who are actually paying for the service? Not everyone reads the blog, and not everyone uses the service on a daily basis to know that they'll be paying for something they can't even use. Seriously, can I get a decent answer as to why you're pulling on Mac support?

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