Sunday, March 15, 2009

Graham Coxon announces 'The Spinning Top'

Thank goodness for being bored on MySpace, because I just found out that one of my personal favorite musicians, Graham Coxon (of Blur), is finally releasing his seventh solo album. Why is this great news? Well, not just because it's new material from Graham, but to those not in the know, Graham was dropped from EMI/Parlophone and thus had put the future of his album into question; thankfully that's behind.

The album is being produced by Stephen Street, who produced Graham's previous two albums, 2004's Happiness in Magazines and 2006's Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, as well as Blur's 1994 album, Parklife. Here's the track list:

1. 'Look Into The Light'
2. 'This House'
3. 'In The Morning'
4. 'If' You Want Me'
5. 'Perfect Love'
6. 'Brave The Storm'
7. 'Dead Bees'
8. 'Sorrow's Army'
9. 'Caspian Sea'
10. 'Home'
11. 'Humble Man'
12. 'Feel Alright'
13. 'Far From Everything'
14. 'Tripping Over'
15. 'November'

The Spinning Top is set for release in UK on May 11, 2009; and hopefully elsewhere soon after. With Blur's summer reunion show, and this new album, look's like 2009 will be a busy year for Graham Coxon.

Also, Graham's website has been updated with a weird Flash video loop ... enjoy that.

via NME

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