Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flickr Update: Pokemon Platinum

Look what arrived in the mail this afternoon! Pokemon Platinum as well as my Giratina Origin Forme figure, for pre-ordering. Had I known the figure was going to be sealed in a air-tight foil bag, I may have reconsidered ... cause there's no *bleeping* way I'll actually tear that open. Collector's OCD, sorry.

PokemonPlatinum_01 PokemonPlatinum_02
Have yet to play the game, but it is in my DS, ready to go. I may post some impressions soon, as it's the first DS Pokemon game I'm playing ... as I opted out of getting Diamond or Pearl because I assumed the inevitable 3rd game would release. And considering there's a Pokemon Emerald cart in my DS Phat right now, I'm sure you can see it's not the first time I've waited.

Just a note, these games are notoriously long, I have a busy schedule till May, and there's no wifi where I'm at right now, so I can't promise a review just yet. But hopefully we can get something up here soon!

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Hampig said...

Pokemon isnt that long.