Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flickr update: James Franco

As stated, I tried to upload what pictures I was able to take at the Q&A last night. And after a busy night and day, I just realized I didn't post here that I uploaded two pics. But apparently that didn't matter, because the two shots have become some of the most viewed images in our Flickr account.

JamesFranco_01 JamesFranco_02

The first shot is just 3/4 of the super-packed audience, so nothing overly exciting. The second shot however has James sitting with the interviewer. When I checked my phone, it turns out I took 22 pics in total. The problem is, without a microSD card, it's a total pain to send each image individually to our e-mail. So, when my microSD card arrives, I plan to compile all those lower-res images into one big one, and I'll probably inform you when that's up. Enjoy these for now though.

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