Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye, Sony DSC-T1

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There it is, the last photo taken on my Sony DSC-T1 digital camera. For those unaware, the DSC-T1 was Sony's first ultra-thin compact camera, a.k.a. Cybershot, released in 2004. I got it back when it first released, so it's lasted decently long for new technology. Basically what happened is the charge-coupled device (CCD) died. The CCD is what enables the camera to see, so without that, there's no photo, just a black screen. In recent weeks I had been getting odd scan lines on my screen, but then today it went black. I can see the menus and previous photos fine however, so I know it's not the screen's fault.

Well, at least it lasted me four years, right? Technology...

Note, this is my first post directly from Flickr. Just trying out the feature.

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