Friday, December 26, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim postponed

Despite the decent week, last week, which included a VFH Seal of Approval for the Moral Orel series finale, "Honor", I have decided to put the This Week In Adult Swim feature on hold.

Some holiday gift, huh? The trouble is, this blog isn't my only focus in life, and there's other work that needs to be done, and you may have noticed that from the lack of thorough news and articles in recent weeks.

The other factor in postponing the feature was Adult Swim's recent change to how the premiere's come online. Instead of arriving the Friday before they air on television, Adult Swim decided to post the videos online on selected days after they were shown on television ... making the "advanced look" aspect of the feature kind of useless. Also, picking a day to do it, adjusting to when premieres show up, it's a mess. And to be honest, I was contemplating this postponing when the schedule first got butchered, but I really wanted to cover the last Moral Orel, so I waited a week.

Lastly, while this is probably very opinionated, I find reviewing Drinky Crow and Robot Chicken to be a hassle; because the one show I can't get into (and I just don't feel that's fair as a reviewer, though maybe that says something about the show? or is it me?) and the other is skit after skit and ruins the short and sweet style of the feature by requiring an explanation for each random moment. But all is not grim, the feature may return come February; let's not forget, in just a few weeks we'll be starting This Week In Lost!

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