Friday, November 7, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 11/7/08

This week in Adult Swim we have 2 new episode of Moral Orel, as we drift closer to the series finale, a new Superjail!, and the premiere of a Frisky Dingo spin-off, The Xtacles, which is releasing as a two-part special for now. And I'll be up front with you right now, I hate Frisky Dingo, so I'll try my best to not review The Xtacles with a bias.

The Xtacles - Operation: Murderous Conclusions. As stated, I hate Frisky Dingo, but I tried to watch this with an open mind. President Stan erects a bronze statue in his image, which ends up being sabotaged in the rear. The Xtacles are hired to find the culprit accused of "raping" the statue. Despite the poor animation and over-used sexual humor, the show actually isn't that bad. For me it was actually nice to watch what is essentially Frisky Dingo, with the assurance that I didn't have to see or hear Killface.
Overall score - 8/10

The Xtacles - Operation:Mountain Punch. Note, despite both premiering at the same time, there's no "story" that connects the two episodes ... in fact, I think this episode actually comes first, from subtle hints here and there. Basically The Xtacles ship is destroying the Rocky Mountains, but President Stan thinks it's terrorists, so he called on The Xtacles to stop them; quite the conundrum you see? Anyways, like 'Murderous Conclusions' the bulk of the time is spent not really doing anything, instead just relying on sexual jokes after sexual joke. But there's potential here.
Overall score - 7.5/10

Superjail! - Mr. Grump Pants. It's holiday time, and after a tussle with Jackknife, Jailbot seems to have accidentally brought a little girl into Superjail. I have to say, this ended up being one of my favorite episodes of the show so far. Despite retaining it's usual violence, it ends up having a touching ending, albeit tongue in cheek.
Overall score - 9/10

See? The show has heart at some point.

Moral Orel - Passing. Eight of thirteen. Once again before the hunting trip, we see Clay giving Ol' Gunny to Orel. From here it flashes back to when Clay was a child and his father gave him the gun. In fact, most of the episode takes place during Clay's childhood, and much like last week's look at Bloberta's teen years, it's a nice treat to see a side of the show we've never seen before. The episode ends up being loaded with dark humor, but I really enjoyed it, and it shows some parallels between Clay and Orel that we never would have known about.
Overall score - 9.5/10

From 'Passing'. See the parallel?

Moral Orel - Closeface. Nine of thirteen. The episode starts out with a quick reminder of characters like Christina, Block, and Stephanie; so chances are they hold importance to the episode. Orel needs a date to the school dance, at the same time, we get to see Stephanie's experience at the dance when she had gone with whom is now Doughy's mother ... yup, I said it. With a good ending, and more character relations we wouldn't have known about otherwise, this episode also ends up being one of the better ones.
Overall score - 9.5/10

Back to a good week. I'm pretty upset to see Moral Orel ending in just a couple weeks, especially when this season has been so good. Next week we'll see two new Orels, while Superjail! takes a one week hiatus for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.

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