Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 11/26/08

This Week In Adult Swim is early this week because of Thanksgiving. In fact the premieres went up last night, but some of work, thank you. Nothing overwhelming this week, just a new episode of The Drinky Crow Show and the first part of Superjail!'s season finale.

The Drinky Crow Show - Whale Show. "When Drinky Crow's girlfriend dies horribly, he decides to turn his grief into money at a marine theme park that specializes in sex, violence, and meta-humor." I can't put it any better than Adult Swim already has, so there you go. As for the episode ... I'm not sure if the delivery just isn't there or just not my thing, but I can't say I found the episode overly funny, or interesting for that matter.
Overall score - 5/10

Superjail! - Time Police, Part 1. Yawn.... Oh what? Sorry. This week The Warden gets put on trial for the crimes he has committed in the future, and you don't get to see what happens because it's just part one. Instead of being creative like the last few episodes, this one resorts back to the now boring violence, and includes a story are that just doesn't quite grab you.
Overall score - 6/10

Yikes, not a good week at all... that's something I'm not thankful for (lame pun, I know). Next week is the return of Robot Chicken, now on its fourth season, the season (or series?) finale of Superjail! and another new episode of Drinky Crow. See you then!

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