Wednesday, November 26, 2008 gets a facelift

Sony has given a face lift, and brought the Playstation Network with it, letting go of the long running Playstation Underground program. Other than the new sleeker interface, the site has some new features to boast about.

Much like's ability to track what your Live friends are doing even when you're not at your system, you can now track what you PSN friends are playing, all from the comfort of your computer. Also added, like Microsoft recently designed for its Live Marketplace, is the ability to browse the Playstation Store from the web. But unlike Microsoft, you can't add the downloads from the computer to your console, you can just see what's available. There's lots more to list ... but yeah, just see for yourself, it's more interesting that way.

And no worries, Playstation Underground members, the forums are still available. With adjustments of course; gone are the Lithium genericons, now you have a nice sized version of your PSN image. And that's about all I noticed. I'm a fan of the new uniformed system. Click here to view the new(but old) boards.

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