Friday, November 21, 2008

Oldboy remake? Will Smith?!

We're just bustling with articles tonight! Anyways, I'm not sure where I was when this was announced, but I'm finding it a little unsettling. According to, Stephen Spielberg is in talks for directing an Oldboy remake with Will Smith as main character, Oh-Daesu.

However, according to MTV Splash Page, and Will Smith, the Spielberg Oldboy is not a remake of Chan-wook Park's film. Instead, the film will be another adaptation of the original manga, just as Park's was. It was Park that added the squid eating and incest elements to his film, so Spielberg can go with that or make a true adaptation of the book and ignore it.

Personally, while the whole "adaptation" thing is less unsettling, the original Oldboy released just five years ago. And while I've only had the chance to see it recently, I would consider it one of my most favorite films of all time. I understand Hollywood has run out of original ideas and feels that it needs to adapt everything, but can't they at least wait 10-15 years before remaking things? While I have the utmost faith in Spielberg to make a good film, I just wish it wasn't Oldboy. As for Will Smith, I've seen him try to save the world too many times for me not to give a damn what he does anymore...


Hampig said...

Noooo! This had better not be true. I like the name resonating with what it does right now thank you very much. I doubt he can top whats already been made, just leave it alone and move on. Also, the incest mention is a pretty big spoiler. Also a very good twist to the movie I'd be sad to see it without.

Also "I would consider it one of my most favorite films of all time."

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