Wednesday, November 5, 2008

King of the Hill comes to Adult Swim

I knew I should have called it in my report of the show's recent cancellation, as I was well aware that Adult Swim has wanted to get King of the Hill for years now (as they already had Futurama and Family Guy). And with said canceling, Adult Swim was able to pick up the series for a multi-year deal, for a network premiere in January 2009.

Also, with this new acquisition, Adult Swim's schedule will now be starting an hour earlier, at 10 PM EST, the same time the Sunday line-up starts. This extra hour will be for 2 episodes of King of the Hill on a nightly basis. I'm pretty excited to say the least, as I never fully got into the series, now I'll have to chance to watch it from the start each night. And who knows, maybe airing on Adult Swim will bring the series new life, just as it did for previously canceled Fox shows Futurama and Family Guy.

via Newsarama


chuckethy said...

I am not a follower of King of the Hill. To be honest, I watched the show at first when it first came out, and it was annoying. The style and voices just bugged me, and it was way too redneckish.

But, not everyone thinks so. Just my view. I don't really mind that it was picked up by Adult Swim, as I don't ever watch it anyways.

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