Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nintendo Japan Conference

This will be constanly updated with any news from Nintendo's Press Conference in Japan.

Nintendo DS
- New Nintendo DS model, Nintendo DSi
- new unit will exist alongside both DS and Wii
- releases in Japan, November 1st
- available in white and black
- will be about 12% thinner because it lacks a GBA slot
- slight cosmetic adjustment from DSlite
- slightly larger screens, 3.25 in.
- built in cameras, one inside, one out
- photos can be synced with Wii Photo Channel
- AAC playback, adjustable speed/pitch
- built in memory
- SD Card slot

- New DSi Shop
- Wii Points renamed to Nintendo Points
- Nintendo Points work with DSi/Wii Shops
- content sold directly over WiFi
- free Opera Browser to be available
- DSiWare available for free, 200, 500, or 800 points

- 1st Party titles: Game that utilizes Miis and a pedometer, Mario & Luigi 3, what looks to be Stage Debut, what looks to be a new WarioWare? See video

- Storage solution: Game downloads saved to SD card
- New Wii's to have pre-installed “What You Can Do With the Wii” video, teaches users the system's online functionality
- "Play on Wii Selection", Gamecube releases like Pikmin and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, with Wii controls
- 1st Party titles: Punch Out, Another Code (Trace Memory), and Sin & Punishment 2
3rd Party tiles: Dynasty Warriors, Monster Hunter 3, new Tales
- Wii Music displayed ... again

If you can read Japanese, Nintendo has a site with all the info, here. There, if you hit the link that say "Wii" you can see a video of the Wii titles including Punch-Out, Trace Memory, and Sin & Punishment 2, and they all look awesome! There is a DS video montage as well.

Nintendo DSi - Official Site

Anything from the US Conference will be added in a later post.

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