Monday, October 27, 2008

Eagle Eye review

It seems that every movie Shia Labeouf stars in turns out to be a success. Whether it be Disturbia, Transformers, Indiana Jones, or even back in his younger days with The Even Stevens Movie. Not that anything should be taken away from Michelle Monaghan, both her and Labeouf do an amazing job showing the personality and emotion of their characters in the film.

If there's one thing I can assure you, it's that Eagle Eye doesn't disappoint and will leave your heart beating for nearly two hours. The movie begins with a man named Jerry Shaw (Shia Labeouf), an average American just barely getting by. After the death of his brother, Jerry is framed as a terrorist and captured by the FBI. We then move to a woman named Rachel Hollaman (Michelle Monaghan), who is a divorced, single mother. After her son heads off to Washington DC, Rachel gets a call from an unknown woman. The woman tells her that if she doesn't do what is told of her, her son will die. In desperation for her sons life, Rachel listens to the woman's orders, and eventually meets up with Jerry, who escaped the FBI. Rachel and Jerry are sent all over the country by the mystery woman, who seems to be able to control everything that happens in their lives.

Eagle Eye is filled to the brim with both action and suspense. Whether that be as small as a chase on a conveyor belt, or as impossible as a plane being flown through a tunnel, Eagle Eye has it all, and won't disappoint. Not that the movie is perfect, far from it. During car chases, the camera seems to jump around a lot, and gets pretty hard to follow. Also, the entire idea of the movie is hard to believe, and seemingly impossible. All I can say is that if you want to watch a realistic film, go watch High School Musical 3 (P.S. that's sarcasm). But if you want to see an entertaining thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the movie for you.

Overall, Eagle Eye is an extremely entertaining movie that never misses a beat. The action scenes, although hard to follow at times, will keep your heart racing and begging for more. The entire plot of the movie, although somewhat far-fetched, is filled with plenty of plot twists, and will keep your attention for the entire length of the film. Both Monaghan and Labeouf do an amazing job acting as their characters, and it makes you wonder just how much longer until Labeouf chooses an unsuccessful movie to star in. All in all, Eagle Eye will keep the average American entertained and wanting to watch this thriller again and again...and maybe even again.

Overall Score: 9/10

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Andie said...

i didnt expect the story will end like that, but it's a good film.. GO Shia LeBouf.