Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eagle Eye Impressions

I just can't get over how much Shia Labeouf has changed since my childhood. I still can't help but think of him as the little curly haired kid from Disney's Even Stevens. Not that I'm complaining, both Labeouf and Michelle Monaghan do an amazing job in his new movie, Eagle Eye.

While the idea of the movie seems somewhat far fetched, and the camera's get somewhat jumpy at times (during the car chases, for instance), this movie is far from horrible. In fact, if not for The Dark Knight, I would even say that it's the best movie this year. As I stated earlier, Shia Labeouf does an amazing job acting out the emotion of his character, Jerry Shaw. After the death of his brother, Jerry gets stuck with a girl named Rachel Hollaman (Michelle Monaghan) and they are sent on a wild goose chase hosted by an unknown woman, who seems to be able to control everything happening in their lives.

All in all, Eagle Eye is an action-packed thriller for all ages, as long as that age is over 13.

Full review coming soon!

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