Monday, September 1, 2008

Spore Creature Creator

Yeah yeah, I know I missed the hub-bub around this title by a couple months, but hear me out. I was watching SciFi's all day Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon, and during a few commercial breaks they advertised Spore, the first i've seen on TV. And in the commercial they mention going to the site to get a demo ... and then it hit me. I now have a Macbook Pro, which I didn't have back when the title came out, so now finally having the capabilities to play it, i downloaded and I've had some fun.

I've already made one creature, which I impressed myself doing from memory. It's Dino, the family pet of the Flintstones! Videos, with more to come of other possible creatures, will be available for viewing at VFHvideo.

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Hampig said...

Not bad. Not bad at all.