Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marvel Noir

Marvel Comics is no stranger to alternate universes. For example there's Marvel universe run by zombies, pigs, one set in 2099, and another in 1602; but this latest one has me interested. Marvel Noir takes the companies greatest heroes, and re-imagines them as if they came from the 1930s.

Three promotional images of X-Men Noir

Spider-Man Noir

I really enjoy Noir sytle; it's part of why I enjoy Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and why "Detective Story" was my favorite part of The Animatrix. For that alone I'm eager to see where this project goes, though I'm leary that it's style, and obviously its medium, may bring it too close to Sin City territory. Hopefully the 1930s culture they plan to bring into this will seperate that though, too bad we'll have to wait till 2009 to find out.

via Marvel.com

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Hampig said...

Pretty. : D

I agree with you tho, I've always liked that style.