Monday, September 15, 2008

Ex-Retro Studios employees start up Armature

So, a few months ago, a few guys from Retro Studios, the guys who brought you the fantastic Metroid Prime series, left the developer and went to start their own studio, which they did, now named Armature.

They just announced that they struck a deal with EA, ewww, and that they will be working on a variety of new IP's for all platforms. The terms of the deal are a bit odd, as they will apparently start work on a variety of different games, but then once established, will hand them off to other developers, while then directing the teams. It's weird, and perhaps unfortunate, that they will have to give up some control over the projects, but only time will tell if this turns out to be a winning formula.

I have to admit at first, that when I heard these members of Retro Studios left, I was more than disappointed, as I wasn't sure how it would effect Retro. I still don't know how Retro will be affected and how their future products will turn out, whatever they may be, but I am very excited to see what Armature can do. If you have played any of the Metroid Prime games, then you will know how amazing the environments and elements are in the game, and those were on the under-performing Gamecube and Wii. With the extra hardware boost and graphical capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360, it will be very exciting to see what they can come up with.

Keep your eyes and ears open to see what these guys come out with in the future. You can check out their official website at

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JDW said...

While I may not be a big fan on game giants like EA or Activision, i have to give EA credit. Sure I may despise their entire sports branch, but their DICE team has done great work, with Mirror's Edge on the way. They have Rock Band, which i respect more than Guitar Hero. And Suda51 recently signed a deal with them.

As for Armature, you have to remember, those great games they made were 1, of an established franchise, 2 they are first party titles. And nintendo always makes it own products looks great. Developing for multiple platforms is gonna be something totally new to these guys, especially being in the 3rd party position.