Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonder Woman trailer

The first footage of the DC Universe direct-to-DVD series' latest project, Wonder Woman, is now online and at VFHvideo. The movie, as told by it's title, is basically the origin story and first adventures sort of deal, but animated. So insted of a Batman Begins, or Superman movie treatment, Wonder Woman goes animated and right to DVD. It's almost fair though, it's not like there's ever been a Wonder Woman animated series. And not to be whatever, but I'm not sure if I plan to get this DC Universe entry. Sure, I probably will because I have the first three films of the DC Universe series, but the fact that Warner opted for this instead of the Teen Titans: Judas Contract film still bugs me. The February 2009 release date is still months away.

And yes, you may notice, this video has broken our chain of PixelJunk Eden videos, but no worries; as soon as I finish the rest of the Gardens, an Eden Playlist will be made.

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