Tuesday, August 5, 2008

6916 to 6915, Blog overtakes Classic VFH

And there you have it, the blog has reached what took Classic VFH almost 5 years to reach. Note, the hits here are counted uniquely, the Classic VFH counter works a little bit differently; so really the Blog is further ahead. It's both a triumph and a sad fact; but either way your visits prove just how important the blog is to us. I just want to thank the fans, readers, staff, and myself for keeping up with VFH and the blog.

The advancements just don't stop at the Blog though, we still have Reviews at Classic VFH. And you can also find us on YouTube at VFHvideo, select media at Flickr, and now on Facebook!

Plus, all this month VFH is your control! Just vote on our monthly poll and pick the type of content you want to see. The more votes per item, the more likely it'll be to see that content!

Thank you!

1 comment:

Hampig said...

Wow, finally happened. Makes me a little sad to see Blog take over, but its kinda nice at the same time... :,)