Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob's Game

These days games are made by giant teams of people. Dozens of people all working for a paycheck. The games are fun yes, I won't argue against that, but the personal charm of yesteryear is just about dead. One persons vision will always be diluted at least a small amount when shown through the work of others.

The internet has been and hopefully will always be a place for individuals to show their personality. Express their dreams and share their stories. For Bob, this comes in the form of a game. A game all his own, made over 15,000 hours and 5 years. He created every sprite, concept, line of story, music track, all of it.

""bob's game" is a simple 2D adventure game with focus on story, puzzles, items, and communication.
Many characters have deep personalities that evolve, and many events depend on the in-game time and day.
It's the game I wanted to play when I was younger, a vision I've been following since then." - Bob

He claims the game to be around 20 hours long. Which is a decent length for any game. Let alone a indie one man project. I am beyond impressed with Bob's work, and I urge all of you readers to check this out support any possible way. This is love for gaming at it's truest form, and it's not often you'll find somebody so dedicated to his work as Bob.

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