Thursday, August 28, 2008

8,000 and going

Mark up another thousand unique hits, we've passed eight thousand! That's one thousand more than a month ago when VFHvideo first launched. So I'm once again thanking the staff, readers, random visitors, our pr relations, and myself for keeping up. I'd also like to thank GamersPlatform for our recent Top Ten project. But really, I have to thank the 60+ friend's we've gained from VFHvideo since the last 1,000 hits: in order of the friends list (bigger names, sorry regular YouTubers):

David Hayter, Parlophone Records, Oasis, GamersPlatform, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Atlus, Warner Bros., FUNimation, Cinemassacre, BBC World, Adult Swim UK, RoosterTeeth, aniBOOM, EA, Atlantic Records, Tay Zonday, Albino Black Sheep, College Humor, CompUSA, Machinima, Nvidia, G4, Paxson Woelber, The Mobile Proffesionals, Frederator Studios, TV Guide, FOX, Time Magazine, Mutemath, Ovation TV, Warner Music Group, CNET, Playboy, The Onion, GamePro, OK GO, Jib-Jab, Redbull, The Emmys, Discovery Channel, Mondo Media, Waverly Films, and The CW 11; and that's just naming a few! Also a shout out to our subscribers!

I don't think we'd be where we are right without all of their help in giving us some exposure. So thank you to everyone!

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Hampig said...

I see what you mean when you said a lot of typing. lol.

Ever closer to that 9000. : D