Friday, August 8, 2008

7,000 strong!

After recently surpassing Classic VFH's hit count, the Blog has reached over 7,000 unique hits! And we were bragging about 6916 just the other day! So of course I have to thank the readers, fans, press, the staff and myself again. But there's another group I want to thank.

See over at VFHvideo we've started to accumulate some friends and subscribers from all over the world. Such people and companies include: Parlophone Records, Warner Bros, FUNimation, [adult swim] UK, Atlus USA, Rooster Teeth, James the Angry Video Game Nerd, RipTen, GamersPlatform, Oasis, and even Solid Snake himself, David Hayter!

To those not listed, such as regular fans, viewers, and the rest of the YouTube community, your views are much appreciated as well. And trust us, we know we've gone global, YouTube's InSight tool tells us all. Did you know? New Jersey and Japan tied in most views for a low quality Foo Fighters video. Yeah, would've guess that?


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Hampig said...

Maybe the commenting type will come soon! xD