Friday, July 25, 2008

TR2N announced

Good news from Comic-Con for all you fans of amazingly lame, yet stupendously awesome, Disney sci-fi films about video games! They announced a sequel to TRON! The new film, known as TR2N will again star Jeff Bridges, and will co-star ... Jeff Bridges. The catch is there's the good, young Jeff Bridges as Tron, and there's an older, bearded Jeff Bridges ... as some other dude. Point is, if this is true to the original, i'm giddy right now. There apperently was a trailer shown, if I can find it, I will post it.

I might actually have to go and play the TRON level of Kingdom Hearts II, just to fuel the excitement!

via io9

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Hampig said...

Wow, this is news to me... I'm interested in how it looks now that we have such improved possibilities in cgi and whatnot.