Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Human Demo's Live!

The demo of the highly controversial Too Human was put up on XBL this morning. I've just finished my play through of it and have to say I walked away impressed. The game has been in development for pretty much over 9,000 years, on at least 3 consoles, and has caused countless arguments, between gamer and developer alike. Dyack and NeoGAF, I'm looking at you.

The combat, like told to us so many times before, is more Diablo then Devil May Cry. You basically hold the right stick in the direction of the enemy you want to kill and bam, you fly over and kill it. Obviously it gets deeper than that, a lot deeper. You can juggle your enemies into the air, use the right and left triggers to control your ranged weapons, jump and engage in air combat, use special war cry's that increase stats or give special abilities, or use spider skills to lay bombs and that sort of thing. This will take some time to master, that's for sure.

Now, while the combat is not as action packed as Devil May Cry, it still holds its own, and makes you feel like you are really kicking ass. Which is good. I had a lot of fun with juggling enemies, both with guns and my awesome hammer, which I will never see again. : ( But that brings me to one of the the main points of Too Human, the loot. I only saw a few pieces of armor and weapons, but they seem to be very different and vary in aesthetics as well as stats/abilities. Hopefully when the game launches their is enough loot to keep most people playing for long after the single player is over.

Sadly the other main component of the game, co-op, is not available in the demo, so I cannot comment on it. But needless to say the skill combination feature has me excited and I can already see how co-op play will be a blast. Overall I came away relieved, after all the negative press the game really delivered after all. The story, while not very clear with only a hour into the game, seemed... well not great, but the gameplay is fun, and the loot is varied. These look like the makings of a good hack-and-slash.

Go give the demo a download for yourself, the opinion on this has been extremely varied, or if you're a silver member, just wait it out a few days, you can make it, I believe in you, even if nobody else does. *thumbs up* By the way, did you notice I didn't mention the oh so talked about camera, the graphics, or the animation? That's because while none of them are amazing by any means, they get the job done and don't get in your way. Just because they mentioned the camera doesn't mean anyone should base their opinion on it. Keep a open mind!

Too Human launches for the Xbox 360 on August 19, 2008.

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