Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 2008 - Microsoft Conference

Holy shit, that was crazy. The Microsoft press conference just finished and they had some giant news. While we'll go further in depth later, for now here are my quick notes:

Fallout 3
-Has oblivion feel to it
-Ironic humor galore
-The pop-in from oblivion seems almost non-existent, thank god!
-VATS adds strategy and almost turn based like gameplay, target and shoot, akin to Fallout 1/2
-360 and Games for Windows exclusive DLC

Resident Evil 5
- 2 player online co-op
-Simultaneous release March 13th, 2009

Fable 2
-The game is finished currently
-Your online friends appear as orbs in your world while playing alone in single player, approach their orb and interact with it to initiate co-op with them
-Your child will grow
-Out this October

Gears of War 2
-Graphics look cleaner, slightly brighter
-Minimalistic in-game interface
-Much bigger scope
-Shield system, both organic and non-organic shields
-Ride a Brumak
-5 player co-op mode

Xbox Live
-New dashboard update this fall
-Avatars will be added and soon integrated into games
-Live party's with up to 8 players moving chatting and playing as one group
-Primetime game shows for your group
-Geometry Wars 2 next month, did I see 4 player co-op?
-Galaga legions, first true Galaga sequel
-Portal: Still alive coming to XBLA with new levels and achievements
-Community made games coming this fall
-Live partnered with Netflix, more than doubles the current available movie content
-Share your movies and videos online with your friends

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
-Scan pinata cards with the live-camera to get new pinatas
-Releases this year

Banjo Kazooie Series
-Original game coming to XBLA
-Nuts and Bolts will release this year

You're in the Movies
-Uses live-camera to put you onscreen in minigames
-Edits mini-games into cheesy B-movies
-Share movies
-Edit them yourself
-Comes packaged with live-camera

Guitar Hero: World Tour
-Wireless instruments
-8 player band battle
-over 85 songs
-REM track pack exclusive to 360
-Metallica's new album, Death Magnetic, will launch simultaneously on GH3 with the album in stores, and will be available in World Tour at launch
-Has Van Halen songs

-Coming this holiday
-Singstar like gameplay
-Sing songs from own music collection

Rock Band 2
-84 songs, all master tracks
-Guns and Roses will debut a song from their new album on Rock Band 2 titled "Shackler's Revenge"
-Rock band 2 will have a song by Bob Dylan "Tangled Up In Blue"
-AC/DC will be exclusive to Rock Band 2 with their song "Let There Be Rock"
-RB2 will have songs by: Devo, Modest Mouse, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and many others
-20 bonus tracks all free to download
-Most songs from Rock Band disc will be transferable to Rock Band 2
-Compatible with all Rock Band's DLC

Infinite Undiscovery
-September 2nd release

Star Ocean: Last Hope

-Spring 2009
-Trailer on XBLM

Last Remnant

-Comes out November 20th worldwide
-Also will be released on PC
-Pretty :D

Final Fantasy XIII
-It's on the 360!!!
-They are aiming for the PS3 and 360 versions to be basically the same
-At the time the 360 version is planned for release only in the west

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