Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poll #5 Results

Sorry to late voters, but I've decided to stop this month's post a week early. Reason being a lack of interest; in the last two weeks we had 2 new votes.. yup. Anyways here we go:

What's your favorite controller?

Xbox 360 - 22%
GCN Controller (Wavebird) - 17%
DualShock / Sixaxis - 12%
Wii Remote (& Nunchuck) - 12%
Mouse & keyboard - 7%
SNES - 7%
Wii Classic Controller - 5%
Atari paddle - 3%
Dreamcast (& VMU) - 1%
DDR Pad - 1%
Genesis - 1%
NES - 1%
N64 - 1%
Xbox ( S) - 1%
Other - 1%
Guitar - 0%
Light Gun - 0%
Xbox - 0%

Well, the Xbox wins something around here for once. Still hasn't won my respect though... Anyways, I've heard that a lot of people like the 360's controller; while I don't own a 360 myself, I will say the controller is pretty comfortable, with a primary analog stick it does make it optimal from the system's FPS catalog... as opposed the the original Xbox's massive controller and it's redesigned "S" that find themselves at the end of our list. Gamecube is a little bit surprising, only because everyone ridicules the system, but love that Wavebird; good thing it works with Wii though, best way to play Brawl; if onl they could make it work with the Wii menus. And here comes the strange tie, I'm kind of baffled that the DualShock and Wii Remote/Nunchuck combo tied. But I guess both have their advantages.

Good new PC fans, you get 5th place! But hey, there's no better way to play an RTS or FPS than the keyboard and mouse. But guess what tied that? Super Nintendo's controller, which actually beat out it's evolved younger brother, the Wii Classic controller. Now, here's the biggest surprise.. the Atari Paddle beat out the Dreamcast, NES, N64, Genesis, and Xbox controllers.. how on Earth did that even happen? Guitars and Light Guns get no love though, but I guess thats what happens when you only serve one purpose.. though the DDR pad....

Also, what did you 1% consider to be other? Tell me! New poll is up, and this ones very important!

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Hampig said...

Yeah, wavebird needs to be compatible with the menu. I can't even tell you how much of a problem it has caused me to need to use the wiimote. Those things always seem to be out of batteries.