Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chrono Trigger DS!!!

Chrono Trigger DS is pretty much announced. Yeah, I know, take your time, whipe away those tears of joy. Their is a countdown clock, on a page that has ctds in the address, put up on the Square-Enix website. If that isn't reassuring I don't know what is. This just coincides with my post a few days ago. Does this mark a revival for the series? Maybe if this sells well we can expect a full sequel on the home consoles! That would just be so amazing, I'm excited. Possibly a surprise is awaiting us at E3? Maybe... a Chrono Cross remake next?! No, I shouldn't get my hopes up... but who knows?

Let the countdown begin!

Via Kotaku


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Wade said...

Holy Crap! Thats a coincidence now isnt it. Oh, and i wish the countdown actually had hrs... bc i dont feel like figuring out how long 160,000 seconds is.

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