Friday, July 11, 2008

Captain Rainbow

This is a day or so old, but I felt it was in need of a post. Captain Rainbow is a new Nintendo title (What's that, Sakurai?!) from the makers of Chibi-Robo! (Skip Ltd.), and yes, that's a very good thing. And you can tell it's from them; the calm, but very Japanese style, the Nintendo references, heck the main character and Chibi even run the same! Anyways, the way the title works (from what I know) is a young man, Nick, is washed up onto a shore, and he obtains the power's of his favorite TV superhero, Captain Rainbow, who's main weapon is a yo-yo.

As you can probably see, the game is very Japanese, and might even require a lot of localization. But I really hope this is part of Nintendo's E3 show. It's a great alternative to mini-game shovelware, and it's a new franchise for Gunpei's sake!! Sure it may be a little "out there" what with all the rainbows, but you did let Ninjabread Man ship on your hardware, Nintendo...

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Hampig said...

Why god, did they name him nick?

Btw, I'm kinda hesitant to ask, but does it have to do what...hmm... was in the news today two years ago?