Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Shop Channel - 6/9/2008

This weeks WiiWare and Virtual additions are... additions, not really much else i could say about them....

My Pokemon Ranch - 1,000 Points. Has Mii integration and allows you to port you Diamond/Pearl Pokemon to the ranch, making it the first WiiWare with DS connectivity.

Virtual Console
DIG DUG - NES, 600 Points. Apparently this is an import, which is why it's 600, but I could have sworn DIG DUG released here... Either way, DIG DUG is just one of those 8-bit classics.

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa - NES, 600 Points. This is also an import title, so the 600 makes sense. As for the name... I can't make anything of it either.

P.S. If you're actually reading this, how do you like the comments? It's something I'm just trying out for this week to liven things up around here.

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