Monday, June 16, 2008

Wii Shop Channel - 6/16/08

This weeks WiiWare and Virtual additions are actually all ports ... basically.

Cocoto Fishing Master - 700 Points. Originally a Europe released PS2 game... yup, Wii get more PS2 shovelware, but at least it's not clogging store shelves..

Block Breaker Deluxe - 800 Points. An Arkanoid clone, of which was originlly released for mobile phones.

Virtual Console
Samurai Showdown - NeoGeo, 900 Points. The classic NeoGeo fighter series finally comes to Wii.

Personally I'm not hopping aboard any NeoGeo VC releases quite yet because SNK is release NeoGeo Arcade Classic Vol. 1 soon, and thats on a disc, not taking up my Wii's tiny flash drive (grr... Nintendo!!!)

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