Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wii firmware update 3.3

Not sure how I missed this yesterday, may be something to do with my wifi being off.

Anyways, turned on my Wii and I got two letters from Nintendo. The first was regarding the new firmware update that doesn't do all too much. The main feature of the update was allowing you to transfer your Plaza Miis, into your Mii Parade. Doing so will remove the birthday and creator data, and is supposed to be used for storage purposes. It's a nice feature I suppose, but I'd rather get more options for decorating Miis instead. Also the update will with find and removed any tampered/hacked data, and also stops the Freeloader from working. Nothing overly major unless your into the hack-scene.

I also received another letter from Nintendo, this time from the Nintendo Channel. Note, this was the first letter sent by the Nintendo Channel, and much like the Mario Kart Channel, it has its own stationary. The Nintendo Channel envelope is blue and white, with a big Nintendo logo on it, opening it up reveals a chime, and a photo attached based upon the update. The update, no download necessary, finally brings us data from Everybody's Recommendations. These allow you to view data based upon peoples voters regarding with games are meant for Gamers or Everyone, Casual or Hardcore, Alone or With Friends, and more. It's a neat little feature but nothing overly fantastic. Please note however, the data appears for most disc based Wii games, as well as all WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Channels. There is nothing for DS titles.

I happen to like the DS demos and video aspect of the channel, stuff like charts and that wont make me run to the channel; considering that 3rd party titles like No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki arent even listed.

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