Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two more Metal Gears?

Aight, so I rented me some MGS4 and a few hours in, during on of the cutscenes, someone mentions something to the effect that "war is like a game", in which they show the boxarts of all the Metal Gear games, going all the way back, until the most recent, and below that, are two areas where boxes would go, except it says "Under Development" or something like that. So technically, there COULD be two new MGS games in the works, but I doubt it...just something interesting.


JDW said...

heh, i too saw the list and found it just highly amusing, however I did not see the boxes below. My theory, because the list was in release order and not chronological, is the rumored Portable Ops 2... and um.. idk.

Hampig said...

Screens would be nice. :D

ZPotts said...

Indeed, they would, however, it happened so fast, and about 6 hours ago in the game, so there is no way for me to go back and get a pic...and I doubt there is one on the interwebs...sowie.