Thursday, June 12, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Impressions

It's still way to early for me to put up a review, despite that I've played the game for most of the day. In fact I've yet to see much of the footage seen in the trailers... Anyways right off the bat I had one issue with MGS4, and that's the controls. The control scheme that was used from MGS to MGS2 and 3, and even converted on the Gamecube controller is gone. Not that it's a bad thing, but it did take one death or so before getting used to; a couple of hours into the game and popping off PMCs like it's nothing!

The game looks, amazing, even on a standard 4:3 television. But about that, I dont haea widescreen HDTV, i have a 4:3 20" Toshiba, and for whatever reason, there is no option to put the game in 4:3 mode, so like playing RE4 on the Gamecube, you're stuck with 2 black bars on the top and bottom, and very small text. If your eyes don't suck, then its not that bad, but if you wear glasses and don't have an HDTV then I'd suggest wearing them.

Other than those gripes, the game plays fantastically. The action is truly engaging, bullet from ever direction, lighting that just comes to life, and basically everything is destructible. And remember in the older MGS games where just turning the corner made the enemies blind? Yea, not this time, the AI is smart and more abundant, when the alarm goes off it gets to ya. Which works hand in hand with Snake's stress meter, cause your gonna get stressed too. I don't want to go to into detail just yet, but trust the things you'll find and see in this game are something to behold.

Once I get more time in with MGO i'll add impressions for that, and maybe we'll see an MGS4 review within the next few weeks.

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