Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone/Touch Games

Today marks the beginning Worldwide Developers Conference this year, and with it, the keynote, which has some game developers talking about their games.

Games will be available directly from the iPhone/Touch via the App Store, which comes with the 2.0 firmware update which will be available early July. The firmware update is free for the iPhone, but unfortunately, will cost Touch users $9.95.

Sega was the first developer shown, with Super Monkey Ball, which will feature accelerometer control in 110 stages spanning 5 worlds. The game will be available at launch of the App Store for $9.99, which is a very decent price.

Pangea Software showed off two games, Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally. Enigmo is a physics-based puzzle game, while Cro-Mag Rally is a racing game featuring tilt control. Both games are also available at launch and for $9.99.

There is another game, called Krull, by Digital Legends Entertainment, which features good graphics and some warrior…I don't know…it should be out this September.

I’m sure there a ton of other developers working on games for the iPhone/Touch, such as EA, but nothing was specifically mentioned, yet.

I'm pretty excited about some games, and I hope they keep getting support, although I'm not too sure. The "jailbroken" Touch is nice, with all the free apps and games, but something a bit more substantial will be good, especially seeing as how you don't have to carry around carts or UMDs like the DS and PSP. However, in no way will the iPhone/Touch games be better or take over the DS and PSP market. Not a chance in hell.

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