Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 arrives!

Firefox 3 was released today in case you didn't notice. It's faster, more secure, and features an address dubbed by the testers, the "awesome bar". I've been using it all day, and I have to say I'm impressed. The speed change is noticeable, while not drastically different, every second helps. The awesome bar is also, indeed awesome. It instantly searches your history for what you are probably looking for right when you start typing based on tags, names, addresses, headers, frequency of visits, and other things. Just try it out, I promise you'll be impressed.

Firefox 3


JDW said...

i just downloaded it as well. It takes some getting used to.. There's noticably more viewing spce, I dont know but theres a difference nd its nice. the interface is sleeker, and the bookmark is system is noticably better. Hell whats reall interesting is i can type in something as simple as a "q" and every url with at least one q in it appears.it is pretty neat.

Hampig said...

I agree. xD The address bar is pretty awesome. I won't have to rely on my bookmarks as much anymore.