Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Dojo

So, you know of course, the Dojo...I think it needs to retire itself.

Today's update: Shiek's special moves, bleh, and the credits.....shoot stuff for coins? Really? Did we really need an update on that? I'm pretty sure people can figure it shoot something, coins pop out, you get said's not too complicated.

How about some strategies? That would be nice. How bout some strategies on how to beat some Event matches or how to take on Intense characters or how to perform special, advanced techniques....something useful. You know?

The site was awesome before the game was released, with all kinds of cool info, but now...I just don't see the point.


JDW said...

hey, i still check it out of habit. There were some really poor updates before the game was released to ya know.. like recovering......

ZPotts said...

Yes yes, this is true, but still...chum on.

And of course I check it every morning...just wish there was a point.