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This Week in Fringe - 4/15/11

Fringe is back from its hiatus, and the concern is that William Bell needs to find a new host to embody, as Olivia's mind can't take much more before she is lost forever. So, the premise is that the gang will take some drugs, and enter her mind to find her. I'm ok with the premise, but what happens when they're there is pretty f'ing weird. I'm sure Jared will have much more to say on this topic.

Episode 19 - "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Zach says: Anyways, Olivia's subconscious has fled inside her mind to hide, and it is up to Peter, Walter, and Bell to find her. Luckily, Peter actually cares for her so he has a plan on where she would go to hide. But, the episode gets weird. For SOME crazy reason, the world turns cartoony, and the live action goes away. Now, I would suspect this is due to the fact that Leonard Nimoy, who plays William Bell, has like, retired, so they can't use him, but needed him, and this was the best they could come up with. Ummm, ok. Fine. But then, there are zombies, and when Peter finds Olivia and they don't need Bell, it switches back to live action, but then they go outside where Bell is and it's cartoon again. Shit be crazy. I think the WRITERS were the ones on LSD. Oh, and they totally ripped off Inception.

But, they find Olivia and she escapes, and mostly all is well. Olivia even got to confront her personal demons, and seems to be a stronger person because of it, being completely confident now. She isn't even bothered by the fact that she thinks she knows who will kill her. Not sure how she would know the future, but hey, could be interesting in future episodes to see if this guy makes an appearance.
Zach's Score: 7/10

JDW says: I'm crossed. I want to love this episode, but I really hate this episode. While the Inception like premise was a little... unoriginal? The idea behind it was cool. But.. well the best way I can talk about this would be Pros and Cons.

The Pros: Holy shit, Leonard Nimoy is back! If you're like me, you probably thought Olivia's awful Nimoy impression was a bit overdone and stupid for a show like Fringe, and I'm glad they finally dropped it in order to bring Nimoy out of his retirement just to add his voice. And despite totally ripping off Inception and kind of being out of place, the premise was cool. And lastly, Broyles on LSD was just fantastic! It was great seeing Lance Reddick step out of his usually stern and cold acting style.

The Cons: ... Where do I even start? As Zach said, presumably the reason why they went animated for Nimoy's on-screen appearance was because he retired, and while he may have been willing to phone in his voice, he probably was not willing to come in and do full on acting. But there in lies the problem: do it well or don't do it at all. I get that TV shows can't get a theatrical budget, but there's no excuse that a show from Fox and Warner Bros., companies that spend over $3 Million per episode of their fully animated programming, should look this awful. Seriously, I've seen better TV animation from Xavier: Renegade Angel, and at least that show's fun to watch. But the animation here was just awful, the designs were awful, the actual character animation was awful, and logistically/stylistically it was completely out of place from the rest of the series.

When Nimoy signed off in last season's finale, it was a wonderful episode and a really great representation of an actor's finale on-screen appearance before retirement. But all this episode did was undo all of that wonderful experience and leave was presumably is actually Nimoy's last appearance on Fringe as something utterly gross. I think I'd off at least accepted the animation premise if the entire inner-mind world was like that and was in an appealing style, but as the way it was last night was just embarrassing for everyone involved and watching. I wanted to love this episode, because of Nimoy's return and Broyle's LSD moments, but I just can't with the awful animated sequences.
JDW's Score: 6/10

Overall Score: 6.5/10

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