Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Week in Doctor Who: 4/30/11

Following up from last week's episode, comes another This Week in Doctor Who. Spoilers!

Episode 2 - "Day of the Moon"

Last week's episode ended with an abrupt cliffhanger, of Amy shooting at the mysterious astronaut girl, the Doctor still unaware of who sent the envelopes, and the Silence coming after everyone. So it was really weird when this episode opens up to Canton Everett Delaware the Third going about chasing Amy, River, and Rory who are all covered up with (and by the end of the episode, still unexplained) tally marks written all over their bodies. All of this which leads to a bearded Doctor who has been in captivity at Area 51. The sequences are cool and all, but there is seriously zero explanation for all of it, which really bugged me.

They try to make a point of explaining the severity of how the Silence make you forget you ever saw them, but it just gets more and more convoluted and the way they finally have everyone on Earth take notice of them by the end of the episode is even more questionable, as opposed to "The Eleventh Hour," when the Doctor sends out a photo of Prisoner Zero to everyone in the universe, this episode takes place in 1969... how the hell did get a cellphone video to transmit data to everyones TV?! I get that there's alot of timey-wimey fiction involved, but like... that cellphone lasted THREE MONTHS without needing to recharge. How does that work?

As fun as the episode was though, and there are not only fun, but really touching and also really scary parts, it didn't feel like the end of a two part episode. If anything, this story deserved a third part. Why? One, because for such a huge threat, they totally eradicated the Silence in a jiff. And two, the episode hasa HUGE cliffhanger of the little girl regenerating like a Time Lord. Is she River Song as a child? Is she the daughter of Amy and Rory? If so, how is she a Time Lord? Well, looks like we might not find out cause next week we're fighting PIRATES!!! Yeah, what the hell?

Overall Score: 8/10

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