Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Week in Fringe - 2/18/11

This week's episode deals with mysterious happenings at an apartment building in Brooklyn, where it appears the very fabric of the universe is coming apart! Sounds exciting, right? Yeah, well, it's lame.

Episode 14 - "6B"

Zach says: Sure, the idea that the regular universe is starting to crumble and have weak spots like the alternate universe is interesting, and it's some what revealing how they intend to solve the issue, just like the other side, but the story used to present this stuff was pretty boring, overstated, and wasteful.

There might not be too many more episodes of Fringe left, and to see the entire episode spent on some old lady and her grieving was pretty disappointing, and not very entertaining.

Nothing very exciting happens throughout the entire episode, except that Walter starts to question whether or not Walternate is a bad guy, and Olivia finally stops being such a bitch and starts giving Peter a second chance.
Zach's Score: 6/10

JDW says: I missed the episode last night because I went to see Unknown, but caught it on the DVR tonight. Let's just say, I enjoyed Unknown more, and I didn't really like that movie...

There really isn't anything I can say that Zach already didn't say. A bulk of the episode takes place in one room, and its a generally uninteresting room where an old man just stands there, staring. The parts of Walter becoming more like Walternate were neat, but there really just wasn't enough going on here to make me comfortable with the fact that if Fringe really is on its last lengths, they're not using their time well. ... Next week's episode might be cool though.
JDW's Score: 5/10

Overall Score: 5.5/10

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