Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Week in Fringe - 10/14/10

This week's episode takes place back in our world, where the fake Olivia currently resides. Just about nothing happens in this episode, so that was fun, but a key event or two occur.

Episode 4 - "Do Shapshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?"

Zach says: The main focus of the episode was a senator, a very powerful person, gets in a wreck, and as it turns out, he happens to be a shapeshifter from the other universe. So, this means that ANYBODY, even the president, could theoretically be a shape shifter. Unfortunately for Newton and Olivia, this senator happens to still be functioning a bit and has data pertinent to who/what he knows, and Walter and the gang are trying to extract it. It also comes to light that these shape shifters have feelings and emotions, just like Olivia; very touching.

By the end of the episode, nobody learns anything from this shape shifter, but after a super chase scene, Newton is captured, and subsequently commits probable suicide so he can't be detained/interrogated. This is basically the biggest news of the episode. Newton, who is basically the leader of these shape shifters and the entire movement, is now gone. This leaves Olivia to fend for herself, so it may be interesting to see exactly how she does that. Her first move is to have sex with Peter... makes sense. Lets see what comes next...
Zach's Score: 6/10

JDW says: I have to agree, nothing happens in this episode. Sure, there's a couple key things: Peter suspects Olivia is "different" (because.. she is!), there's more shapeshifters than we thought, Walter has basically moved his whole lab into Massive Dynamic (and I personally don't like the new setting), and Newton finally kicks the bucket. But really, a lot of these moments are brief and the rest of the episode just deals with standing around and everyone being suspicious.

As much as I love the chemistry between our Walter and everyone he interacts with, I have to stick with what I said last week, the "other side" is just far more interesting right now, and I'd love to see more of that instead of just more of the old stuff. Plus, Fauxlivia is just an incredibly unlikeable character, and we really have to get our Olivia back ASAP.
JDW's Score: 6.4/10

Overall Score: 6.2/10

Annoying news, seems it's baseball season somewhere, and because of that, Fringe won't be returning until November 4th. Hopefully we'll post some other reviews in the meantime.

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