Friday, October 29, 2010

Flickr Update: Tron Night

Just a few photos to supplement my Tron Night After Thoughts. There wasn't too much in terms of swag at the event, but I guess thats what happens when you blow your budget on renting out IMAX theaters across the world and offer a 23 minute free 3D sneak preview of your biggest film of the year. So what'd we get? At least at the theater I went to:

TronNight_01 TronNight_02
Nothing overly exciting; the first is a poster, the awesome one that I posted about last week, though it's slightly smaller than a standard movie poster, and has a few lines saying that it was printed exclusively for Tron Night (I managed to snag 3 of these, gave one to a friend). Next is my wristband that granted me entry, not really swag, but it's something. And the last two things were just little cardboard ads basically, but I took like five of each (they're something that could easily be signed and framed at a later date).

They also gave out a few swag bags for trivia winners, but there was no way I was gonna raise my hand and somehow get picked in a packed IMAX theater, so I can't tell you what was in those, but I think they had t-shirts. Oh well...

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