Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fringe Returns Tomorrow Night

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, the day after writing the Machete review I moved back to New York City and have since been swamped with work and other stuff and haven't had the time to write anything, let alone see, hear, read, or play anything to write about.

But, now I will have something to write about, as Fringe returns for it's third season on Fox tomorrow night at 9 PM EST. And with that, it also means that This Week in Fringe is coming back as well, albeit a bit different. Unlike last season, where I reviewed Fringe myself, I've gotten Zach to watch the first two seasons so that both of us can do the reviews now, making the feature more like This Week in Lost and FlashForward were... also this way I won't be the only one writing This Week In reviews now that those two previously mentioned shows are over and/or canceled (however, Doctor Who and Futurama will still be by myself).

Hope you come back tomorrow night!

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