Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Week in Doctor Who - 6/19/10

Following last week's episode, "The Hungry Earth," comes the second part of Chris Chibnall's thrilling and ridiculously dark story that marks the return of the Silurians. And, you thought weeping angels were scary?

Episode 9 - "Cold Blood"

Following where "The Hungry Earth" left off, Amy and that other woman's husband (I forgot her name already.. whoops) are still trapped and ready for unwanted dissecting. That is until a distress beacon is alarmed after The Doctor and Nasreen are caught walking about the Silurian civilation, and if the kidnapping wasn't a sign enough, the Silurians, or at least their feisty general, don't think very highly of us humans er... "apes" as they call us.

As for the Silurian captive at the digging site from the last episode, she's got quite the vile of hate to spread around. So much so that she drives that other lady.. (I seriously don't remember her name!) to kill her, after constant hateful speech and lacking to cooperate with the woman in regards to the safety of her family. Of course, the Silurian death has its consequences, but this is unbeknownst to The Doctor, Amy and Nasreen, who are currently below the surface, trying to convince the Silurians that the people of Earth are good people and are more than willing to share the planet with its former inhabitants... Yeah, lady whose name I can't remember, you screwed up, you REALLY screwed up.

Soon after, Rory and the above-ground party come down to the Silurian world, dead Silurian in hand, and all peace talks are broken, and it's time to run! But after a bit of negotiating and techno-babble talking that I can't seem to recall at all, the unthinkable happens... While everyone else runs to safety in the TARDIS, the Doctor sees the infamous "crack," and can't help but stick his hand inside to see what's there... silly Doctor, you just made everyone in the future cry. Why? Because his carelessness for everyone else's safety leaves the dying general Silurian to take one last shot at the Doctor, but Rory shoves him out of the way in a valiant move, and sacrifices himself. But he doesn't die, no, he gets taken in by the crack, erasing his entire existence from all of time; perhaps a fate even worse than death....

I have to say, this was honestly the most emotionally invested I've ever been in a Doctor Who episode. Not only did I feel truly worried for the fate of the characters, but, I had a sense of true genuine hatred every time that Silurian general woman spoke out, and an ever bigger sense of hatred when that woman killed the Silurian captive, knowing what the consequences may be. And despite my interest in many TV and movie dramas, I'm never one to get mad at the screen, but I really just wanted to yell. And with the unexpected twist of Rory's death and erasure from existence... well, the episode made me feel like I just lost a really good friend. That's got to say something right?

Overall Score: 9.3/10

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