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This Week in Lost - 5/4/10

We are literally so f'ing close to the end, it's ridiculous. The tone is tense and trying to wrap everything up is going to be crazy, so with each episode comes great anxiety. What is going to happen in the end?!!?!??!?! So many spoilers ahead in my long post.

Episode 14 - "The Candidate"

Zach says: This week's episode starts with the alternate universe, with Locke waking up in the hospital. Jack immediately lets him know that he is "a candidate" for a new surgical procedure that could allow him to walk again. Locke refuses. This leads to the rest of the alternate universe having Jack figure out why Locke is opposed to the surgery, which is kind of creepy. Damn that obsessive Jack and his desire to fix people.

So, nobody will tell Jack how Locke got injured, so he does some random investigating, which leads him to a dentist, Bernard. Bernard can't tell Jack much, due to privacy stuff, but gives him Anthony Cooper's name, and the fact that he himself was on that flight 815; odd.

Later, Claire says SHE was also on 815. Zomga, all of these coincidences are aligning, and people are starting to wonder some things. Christian also wanted Claire to have a music box in his will, for some reason. I checked, and it most definitely isn't the same box that Rousseau had on the island, but it is very similar. So, either this is some crazy connection, but different prop, or there is no connection at all, other than it has SOME significance.

Anyways, Jack finds Anthony Cooper, who is a vegetable, basically. Locke finally reveals at the end that it was his fault, in that he forced his father to fly in a plane with him, which he crashed. So, John doesn't want to have the surgery because he feels responsible, which leads Jack to say that they both lost fathers and that they need to let go. Jack also utters the line, "I wish you'd believe me," which goes back to something John said on the island, so perhaps something clicked then.

So, some important like stuff going on in the alternate reality, and connections are starting to be made with the people. On the island, however, things are going a bit differently. Nothing too important, until the whole gang makes their way to the plane, finally. FYI, Jack, with the help of Locke, free everyone from Widmore. Locke finds some C4 rigged to blow on the plane, however, so that idea is out. Instead, they decide to take the sub. Sawyer, still not trusting Locke, gets everyone on the sub, including Jack, but throws Locke in the water. They escape...or do they?

Turns out, Locke planted some C4, and Jack has an epiphany. He says that Locke wants them all dead, but can't kill them himself, and has to get everyone to kill each other. So, if Sawyer messes with the bomb, they all die, if nobody touches it, they'll be fine. Well, Sawyer doesn't like Jack, so he touches it. Not too smart.

For some crazy reason, Sayid suddenly turns human again, and tells Jack that Desmond is still alive, and "it's going to be you". It's definitely good to see Sayid snap out of it, but it seems a bit out of character at the same time. Oh well, he sacrifices himself to save everyone.....almost. And what does Sayid mean exactly? "It's going to be you"? For now, we can obviously assume that Jack is supposed to be the next Jacob.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out of the sub alive. After finally being reunited, Sun is trapped, and Jin will not leave her side. It's quite the touching moment, but overall unfortunate. Doesn't seem right. Oh, and Lapidus dies too, I guess. He was never really important or a candidate, so I wasn't too surprised.

Everyone who got off, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate, are obviously very upset about Sun and Jin, and now know of Locke's true intent, so it'll be interesting to see how they react exactly. And at the very end, Locke says he has to finish what he started, with killing everyone. So, does this mean he KNOWS Jack and the others are still alive, or is he talking about another group of people, and if so, whom? Widmore would be an obvious target, but he isn't a candidate, so who exactly is he going after?
Zach's Score: 8.5

JDW says: Seriously, there's honestly nothing I can say anymore... But I liked this episode, because Flocke was such a badass, shooting people at point blank range, while LA Locke was all sad with his vegetable father... Oh, and I honestly cheered when Kate got shot, but was annoyed to see her still alive afterwards.

But the ending of Sun and Jin was pretty sad, as was the fake crying by Jack and Hurley which I couldn't feel at all.As for Sayid, THERE IS NO SAYID, and I want everyone to know that that was single-handedly the greatest line ever.
JDW's Score: 8.5/10

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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