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This Week in Lost - 4/20/10

This week's episode didn't focus on any one character in particular, but more so tying together some loose ends, as well as showing the start of "the war". SPOILERS ABOUND

Episode 13 - "The Last Recruit"

Zach says: Lot's of little things happened this episode, so I'll just start with the alternate universe. We see Sayid try to run away after killing those bad dudes, but he was caught by Sawyer and Miles. Sawyer, as you recall, also caught Kate, and they talk, but nothing special happens. Neither "awaken".

Sun was shot in the Sayid incident, and she arrives safely at the hospital, at the same time as Locke, and she is pretty frightened. Obviously, she remembers something about him, and it would seem that it would be of the CURRENT island happenings. Before, everyone have had memories of previous seasons' events, but not about current stuff, so that's a bit interesting. And finally, Sun and Jin reunite on the island, which triggers Sun's ability to speak English again; go figure. A happy moment though, indeed.

However, Desmond's work isn't done yet, as his focus is now on Claire, who he convinces to talk to a lawyer, at the same time Jack shows up to hear his father's will reading. Hey, they're related, and by god, Jack has a moment. It could be that Jack is just stunned that he had a sister he never knew about, but it's more likely that he is remembering. We also see the reunion on the island of the two, which was happy and sad, as Jack swiftly leaves her.

This wasn't the end of Jack though, as he has to operate on Locke. Will he fix him and give him the ability to walk again, or will he try to kill him like he did with Ben? We'll see.

It's also very interesting to see Jack talk about faith, and the island not being done with the Oceanic group. We've seen Jack recently talk about faith, and thinking Jacob brought them there for a reason, but with more connections to Locke, it's just interesting how Jack has made a complete 180 from when he arrived at the island originally.

Widmore's gal sent to deliver a message to Locke, to get Desmond back. He doesn't take too kindly to this, and sends Sayid to kill Desmond, as he can't do it himself I guess, because Desmond is a candidate? Anyways, we don't see him get killed, so he could be alive, or not. I would like to think he's still alive and will be a player in the finale, but we shall see. It would make sense if Jack is the ultimate successor to Jacob, but perhaps it could be Desmond? I mean, he IS doing Jacob's work in the alternate universe after all.....

Aside from all of the above happenings this episode, it appears that the fight is starting. Jack is with Locke, and Widmore captured the rest of the crew and started bombing Locke. I'm interested to see how Locke responds exactly, and to see what Widmore's ultimate goal is. He didn't take too kindly to Sawyer and the rest of the candidates, so what exactly is he trying to do?
Zach's Score: 8/10

JDW says: Well, what's left for me to say? Seriously though, this episode kind of bothered me... It was great to get some gratification and final answers, sure. Jin and Sun are finally back together, Jack and Claire get to confront each other as brother and sister in both universes, and Jack finally tells Sawyer how he feels regarding Juliette's death (Sawyer seemingly forgot all about it?).

But what bothered me was that this episode went against my primary complaint regarding FlashForward, focus. What I love about Lost is that each episode in centric to just one or two characters, and the experience is usually quite intimate. When you don't have that kind of focus, in a show with an ensemble cast, everything just feels too spread out, distant, and... for lack of a better word: lost. Sure, the episode was still better than all of FlashForward, thanks to the writing and actually interesting plot/characters, but I just hope in it's last season, we don't get an unfocused episode like this again.
JDW's Score: 7.5/10

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Also, no This Week in Lost next week. For whatever reason, they're taking a week off... which blows.

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