Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Week in Lost - 4/13/10

Hurley's week, and everyone loves Hurley! Or that's what they would have you believe... at least you believe that SPOILERS ARE BELOW!

Episode 12 - "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Zach says: Until he disagrees with Richard, who just wants to blow up the plane. I'm sure Hurley would agree, until he sees an old friend, Michael Dawson, who tells him to stay away from that plane.

I'm hoping we can trust Michael, but theoretically, it could have been that man in black, as the last time we saw Michael, he was getting exploded after talking with Christian Shepherd, who I'm personally fairly certain is MiB. And MiB can take the form of dead people, so there's that. By the end of the episode, the entire gang, with Hurley, Sun, and Jack, are at Locke's camp; just what Locke wants and needs....curious.

Some random things where when Illana blew up...oops. And when that kid ran into Locke, and Locke wasn't too happy to see him. It could have been the same kid he talked to before, who told him he couldn't kill Sawyer. So, either it's a young Jacob, or maybe it's himself? Either way, that kid is important. Locke also didn't like the fact that Desmond wasn't scared at all. Doesn't show too much, other than that Locke doesn't like to not be in control, and who didn't see that poor Desmond would go down that well. Poop.

In the alternate universe, Hugo runs into Libby, who is in a mental institution for having "memories" of Hugo and the island. After some talking, they finally go on their long overdue picnic on the beach, kiss, and Hugo remembers, much to the delight of Desmond, which is a bit creepy.

Then we see Desmond run over Locke...wtf? We know he wants to make things more like the island life, but how exactly does this tie in? Maybe that's why evil Locke tossed him down the well? Anyways, the season is winding up, and it's about to go down. Excitement.
Zach's Score: 8/10

JDW says: First off, I don't know what Zach's talking about, so I crossed his part out (don't hate), because I think it's been made very clear on the show that the Man in Black can no longer change into anyone else other than Locke, for whatever reason, and that Hurley could already talk to the dead both on and off the island. Anyways...

I liked the episode... to an extent. Hurley is one of the best characters of the show, and it was great to see him, as well as old faces like Michael and Libby, but despite it supposedly being a Hurley-centric episode, it really felt like it was about everyone else. Like, come the final third of the episode he was barely even there, as the flash-sideways went to Desmond/Ben/Locke. But hey, at least they seem to be running with concept that love can't be found in the alt-world without unlocking visions of the island world... but I dunno, I wanted to like this episode more, but I wasn't fully feeling it. And seriously, Illana just blew up, what the heck?!
JDW's Score: 7.8/10

Overall Score: 7.9/10

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