Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Week in FlashForward - 4/1/10

This week's episode was crazy, so I'm just gonna get right into it. Mark and Demetri shot each other because of their suspicions, and another black out occurred that caused a nuclear weapon to go off in the US. APRIL FOOOOLSSSS. Spoilers ahead:

Episode 14 - "Better Angels"

Zach says: So let's get into it for real. This week's episode focuses on three different stories, with Mark and his wife, Bryce and Nicole, and the agents who went to Somalia. In order of awesomeness, we have Somalia, then nothing, then nothing, then Mark, then Bryce and Nicole. The show is trying to give you some excitement, but then some drama, and the drama just seems a bit forced and completely divergent from that of the real story.

Mark is basically having the same issues as Demetri, where he knows he is going to die, basically, and his loved one wants to escape it all, but he is still reluctant to leave. It's getting a little old hearing this same story week after week, so I wish it didn't have such a focus, but here we are. We also finally see what Charlie's flash forward was, where an unseen person says "Mark Benford is dead." This would be a bit mysterious, except we see who says it later in the episode, which took me by surprise, as it sounded like the Jericho dude, but wasn't.

The Somalia action was much more interesting. Here, the FBI peeps, plus that CIA guy, head to Somalia to investigate the tower. They are quickly intercepted by natives who take them hostage. The main guy is all talking about purpose and prophesies, but his doesn't look like it will come true, as he is later shot in the back.

The end is the most interesting, as we find out that D. Gibbons, or Dyson Frost, was apparently the main scientist working at this tower back in the day, and he left a message for Demetri. So, it would seem that Gibbons has quite the understanding of what these black outs are, and how to use them to his advantage, to see the future. This could easily be how he stole Simon's design for the tower in the first place, which he hadn't created until after the tower was built.

So, all in all, the drama is old, and has been for some time, but the action is still good and the REAL story points are interesting. I'm am more and more interested in this D. Gibbons fellow each episode, so I want to see what he is really up to.
Zach's Score: 8/10

JDW says: This week's episode suffers from the same thing I mentioned last week, lack of focus. The parts in Somalia were great, they answered questions like, "What the @&%!? was going on in that first black out?, Why did that one kid survive? Who is he? etc etc" all good, interesting stuff and led to even more mysteries.

But then when he to see Bryce, and his constant complaining about life and being doctor etc etc. And then we're in Somalia for two seconds, and now Mark is screwing up his life and upsetting his daughter and wife, and then its back to Somalia. It's like, I understand that this show is probabbly going to be canceled so you want to get through stuff before you leave an angry unsatisfied audience, or what's left of it. But seriously, if the people not in Somalia have nothing to do with what's going on there, don't show them. The seemingly time-traveling D. Gibbons, now that's an interesting plot, next time, please just show this an nothing else. Thanks!
JDW's Score: 7.5/10

Overall Score: 7.7/10

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