Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fool's Day

Holy shit! That's really all I can say. After seven years, Blur have finally released a new single! While there's (sadly) no album behind the release of the new track, "Fool's Day," was released earlier today in a limited edition 7" vinyl single, limited to 1,000 pressings and only available in the UK in honor of Record Store Day.

But, because the powers that be and the band knew that such a limited pressing would lead to inferior pirated versions of the track, they've gone and released it for free on their website! All you have to do is give your name and e-mail and you can download an .mp3 or uncompressed .wav of the track.

I should warn you though, as of writing this, there seams to be something wrong with the .mp3 version. It cuts off at the 2:25 mark instead of going the full 3:27. So, your best bet for now is download the uncompressed .wav and then just convert it until there's a better solution.

As for how it sounds? Despite Damon Albarn's involvement in other bands since the 2003 release of Blur's Think Tank, "Fool's Day" still manages to sound undeniably like Blur, and not say, Gorillaz or The Good, The Bad, and The Queen. And what's even more great is that this is 4-piece Blur, and it's so so awesome to hear new music with Graham, Alex and Dave each adding their own signature part to Damon's unmistakable voice; the riff Graham plays to close the song out is worth it, even if the track is free.

I really can't express how awesome it is to hear new Blur. Seven years is a long time, and considering till just over a year ago the band wasn't even together, the fact that this song exists is almost unbelievable. Would I love to hear an entire new Blur album? Definitely! But if all we're left with is "Fool's Day," I'm still insanely satisfied.

Update for those not keen on downloading completely legal and free music, Parlophone has an embedable version:


BeckEye said...

Ah, it's a wonderful song. But I freaked out when it stopped short. When I Googled "Blur Fool's Day cuts off," yours was the first blog I found. :)

Thanks for the solution, because I don't think I would have thought to download the wav instead. But I just went back to do that, and now when I try to enter the download site I get an error message. (Tried a different email address...even tried a different computer.) So maybe they're fixing the mp3 problem.

JDW said...

Yeah, I too freaked out when it did that. You'd think theyd figure that sort of thing out before uploading it to the masses.