Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Week in Lost - 3/9/10

On time, and you should just consider this normal now, SPOILERS BELOW!

Episode 7: "Dr. Linus"

Zach says: Holy crap, I liked this week's episode a lot. Not much really happened, in terms of action or REAL secrets being unveiled, but it seemed important on a lot of different levels. First of all, we learn about Richard's origins and basically why he's lived so long. Unfortunately, we see him lose faith, but it happens to be restored by Jack, who has indeed started to believe.

This week's episode focuses on Ben and his flash-sideways, and by golly, it's good to see the outcome of the event. I wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do, but he definitely surprised me both in the off-island universe and the one on the island as well.

One interesting note occurred while Ben was talking with his elderly father, who was wishing he had had a better life and that they had never left the island. This means that Ben and his father DID go to the island, but left for some reason, and as we know, the island is now underwater. So, via the time line, the hydrogen bomb could have sunk the island, but why did they leave in the first place? What changed?

Also, Illana mentioned that Jacob's list was indeed for his replacement, and that there were six candidates left. I can't think right now, but there are definitely more than six Oceanic members on the island. And of course, something interesting always happens at the end of each episode, this week being no exception. We see a sub in the water....one with Widmore in it...It's definitely good that he is back, as it would be really weird if that plot point was left out, but there is so much going on. It'll be interesting to see how he fits in and who's side he is on.
Zach's Score: 9.5

JDW says: I can't agree more, this episode was not only this season's best so far, but it was one of the series' best for the reason alone that it showed that characters' attitudes can change, regardless of where fate has left them. This episode particularly focuses on how seeming invincible characters like Ben and Richard can change, but characters like Illana and Jack also get their chances too.

As Zach mentioned, in the scene with Ben's father (who doesn't seem to hate him now), it's the first time where the flash-sideways actually makes reference to the island, which raises the question as to what exactly is the flash-sideways, if the events prior to the explosion actually did happen, including the time-traveling Oceanic Six.

Regardless of the revelations in the episode, "Dr. Linus" was just full of the right kind of suspense. The type where you just can't figure out what's going to happen next because you aren't expecting the characters to go in that direction. But it was a nice chance, and definitely a start to what should be so many more answers this season.
JDW's Score: 9.5/10

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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